Stones, Keys, Flat Ninths, & Salvage

by Collisionville

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Collisionville is releasing their fourth album, Stones, Keys, Flat Ninths, & Salvage, on Friday, October 19, 2018. It’s a double-LP set, with 18 tracks total, their most ambitious project to date. It picks up where their previous album (The Revenge of Two-Gun Pete, 2013) left off, with a reckless combination of punk, country, jazz, and blues.

Side 1 (or side Stones, as we call it) provides a blueprint for every side of the album, with the twang-infused punk fury of “Walkin’ Without the Lord,” the distinctive plectrum banjo of “Paint by the Numbers” (this is not a sound you’re going to hear on any other punk rock records anytime soon), and the Fred McDowell-inspired bottleneck guitar of “Somebody’s Free.”

Themes that recur throughout the record are also introduced in these songs: people abandoning their responsibilities, sleeping in their cars, and venturing out with no direction. That theme continues and develops through “Signifiers,” “I’m the Only One,” “Tearjerker,” and “Progressive Anthem for Kid Rock to Sing” (that last title is a tip of the hat to the Minutemen).

Everything draws to a close in “We’re Called Collisionville,” the last song on side Salvage. A story of the band, a mission statement, and a lullaby to keep you awake. Lift the needle and go back to side Stones, if you can’t get to sleep. Or maybe go for a drive? You can always find somewhere to pull over for a nap.

- - - -
Notes for those who downloaded the previously released EPs that make up the first 3 sides of this album: the only difference between these files and those is the mastering. The previous releases were quickly mastered by Ben Adrian and Ron Guensche just to make the overall volume levels suitable. The files here for the full release were painstakingly mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering, for both digital and vinyl releases. Also, there is a different vocal on “Nuclear Fountain Pen” from side Keys.

One last note: the vinyl edition contains a bonus track unavailable anywhere else: our version of Robert Johnson’s “They’re Red Hot.”


released October 19, 2018

Side Stones

1. Walkin’ Without the Lord

Stephen Pride: guitars, vocal
Conor Thompson: bass, yelling
Cory Snavely: drums, yelling

2. Paint by the Numbers

Stephen: banjo, guitar, vocal
Conor: upright bass, vocal
Cory: drums
Matt Campana: guitar, vocal

3. Las Vegas, New Mexico

Stephen: guitar, vocal
Conor: bass
Cory: drums

4. Somebody’s Free

Stephen: guitar, vocal
Conor: bass, vocal
Cory: drums

Side Keys

1. Signifiers

Stephen: guitars, vocal
Conor: bass
Cory: drums
Jeremy Hainline: guitar

2. Forgotten Time Zone Blues

Stephen: guitars, vocal
Conor: bass
Cory: drums

3. Shake It and Break It

Stephen: banjo, vocal
Conor: upright bass
Cory: drums, percussion
Matt Campana: guitar
Indofunk Satish: trumpet

4. Your Sister’s Man

Stephen: guitar, vocal, harmonica
Conor: bass
Cory: drums

5. Nuclear Fountain Pen

Stephen: guitar, vocal, harmonica
Conor: bass
Cory: drums, percussion

Side Flat Ninths

1. I’m the Only One

Stephen: guitar, pedal steel, vocal
Conor: bass, vocal
Cory: drums

2. Tearjerker

Stephen: banjo, resonator guitar, fiddle, vocal
Conor: upright bass, vocal
Cory: drums, percussion
Matt Campana: guitar, vocal

3. Turpentine

Stephen: guitar, vocal
Conor: bass
Cory: drums
Shifra Pride Raffel: theremin

4. When It Comes

Stephen: guitar, pedal steel, vocal
Conor: upright bass
Cory: drums, percussion
Shifra Pride Raffel: vocal
Willa Mamet: vocal

Side Salvage:

1. Progressive Anthem for Kid Rock to Sing

Stephen: guitar, vocal
Conor: bass, vocal
Cory: drums, vocal

2. It’s Nice to Be Needed (But Not Needed too Much)

Stephen: guitar, pedal steel, vocal
Conor: bass
Cory: drums
Josh Wirtschafter: violin

3. I Gotta Laugh While I’m Cryin’ (To Keep From Just Cryin’)

Stephen: guitar, vocal
Conor: bass, tambourine
Cory: drums


Stephen: banjo, guitar, vocal
Conor: upright bass, vocal
Cory: drums, percussion
Matt Campana: ukulele, vocal

5. We’re Called Collisionville

Stephen: guitar, pedal steel, banjo, harmonica, vocal
Conor: bass, vocal
Cory: drums

Basics tracked by Ron Guensche at New Future Vintage in Oakland, CA
Overdubs tracked by Stephen at Antisleep Audio in Oakland and House of Collision in Berkeley

Side Stones mixed by Greg Thompson at Injured Ear Productions in Rochester, NY
Side Keys, plus “I’m the Only One” and “Turpentine” mixed by Ben Adrian at Moustache Manor in Echo Park, Los Angeles
Side Salvage, plus “Tearjerker” and “When It Comes” mixed by Ron Guensche at New Future Vintage
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA

Words by Stephen, music by Collisionville on all tracks except “Shake It and Break It,” trad., arr. Collisionville, and “They’re Red Hot,” by Robert Johnson, arr. Collisionville

Front cover by Aron Harris. Rear cover, inner gatefold, and center labels by Eric Oppitz


all rights reserved



Collisionville Oakland, California

"Northern California's Collisionville fuses a loud, post-punk sound with down-home Americana to create sardonically sincere songs that are well put together and streaked with the humor that eludes more self-serious bands." Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired Magazine ... more

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Track Name: Walkin' Without the Lord
I slept through the peal of the bells, woke up
and smelled the gravel outside
rolled down the windows and turned the keys
I punched it, I made the light
I was heading west through a hornet's nest
train went the other way
I felt cold in my heart, so shall the day start
what do you want me to say?

I'm gonna strangle my soul in a blood choke hold
it's gonna sink down like a stone
say goodbye to the twinkle in my eye
tell the angels to leave me alone
I'm turning into wood from feeling so good
gonna burn for a hundred days
and be born again as a red-feathered wren
what do you want me to say?
Track Name: Paint by the Numbers
the patient he said to the doctor
"there's something in my blood that isn't red
"I wake up horny and with jitters"
and to the patient here's what the doctor said

I paint by the numbers but I can't stay on the canvas
I'm a sexy motherfucker but I can't stay on the mattress

I dreamed of becoming a giant
back when I was only 23
I wound up shouting on the corner
move along, there's nothing here to see
Track Name: Las Vegas, New Mexico
the leaves are green against the red mud
the trees are crouching on the ground
the morning's clear and very quiet
the signal's cutting in and out
what have I left that's still not finished?
have I been fully understood?
I pressed the ink into the paper
and I saw that it was good

halfway between Raton
and Las Vegas, New Mexico

amid the dry parts of the Old West
where the quiet families settled down
somebody's smoking in the basement
somebody's too scared to reach out
you made it here through droughts and famine
by the grace of strong blood in your veins
it matters that you use the right words
so take your time with what you say
Track Name: Somebody's Free
they say we're all in a prison
bound together as slaves
that no one can walk in the light of the sun
until all have been led to the rays
but I know somebody's free

somebody's free
even with the rest of us in chains
somebody's free
not troubled by nobody's pain

the freedom to dance like a willow
with no worry to silence the drum
I'm gonna learn how to move just like that
in the world to come
but right now somebody's free
Track Name: Signifiers
Learn well the lessons of the Rolling Stones
Not just Bill Wyman, but also Brian Jones
There's more than one way out but there's no escape
There's signifiers along the path leading you astray

I woke up in the middle of the night to the strangest sound
I dreamed all through the morning, I couldn't find the ground
I have a wish inside my darkest heart
To speak it would release it and break the lights apart

I'll drive until I'm lost in some horseshit gravel town
Everyone who's expecting me, I'm gonna let you down
Sunk and ashen faces, and I won't even care
I'm flying free with an empty mind in negative space somewhere
Learn well the lessons of the Rolling Stones
Not just Bill Wyman, but also Brian Jones
Tattooed on your skin, what you don't want to be true
You lose what you create, the world was never new
Track Name: Forgotten Time Zone Blues
I'm telling the truth in a diner booth
I'll say a few things that I hope you won't repeat
From this Formica fort, it's an indoor sport
I'm holding court in this Kitchen of Pete
The air is too thin and the sky is too dry
And the ball carries too far
Is there powder on the slopes? Is the ice killing your hopes?
Do you need a hand pushing out your car?

But wait, just wait
It's all been a terrible mistake

I found something strange at Jerry's Record Exchange
Between the Righteous Brothers and the Strolling Bones
Through the window I seen I just missed the 15
So I went out on the pavement on my own
Mile High this and Mile High that
An avenue of bad puns
As to the length of old Colfax, it is according to cold facts
The longest but for all the longer ones

We all know of course about the snorting horse
Who's got the city's heart locked in a football hold
But you should keep in mind that old rainbow skyline
And the pick axe always digging for gold
To coin a riff, that guy's a stiff
He's slower than most men
He's what we got, let's lace 'em up, it's long past time to face 'em up
And make those miracles happen once again
Track Name: Your Sister's Man
I'm taller than your sister's man
He wants to take her to the clouds but
I don't think he can
You're as tall as him
He's looking up at my chin
It's a race to the top and he can never win

It's not the captain or the boat
It's not the motion or the ocean
It's not the pencil or the note
It's not the

How do I prove?
I mean, what do I have to do?
Every time you get it down
Then they change it so it's new
This game is rigged
To make you stupid and sick
You try to stand so strong and then they snap you like a twig
Track Name: Nuclear Fountain Pen
I come to you tonight with my secrets open wide
and a broken match
we're gonna make it catch
There's a conspiracy it seems
to set a bomb off in your dreams
and send you home
to nurse your broken bones

And it's happening again
just a handful of old men
will write it off
with a nuclear fountain pen

As the smoke is pluming upwards
and the sirens drill our eardrums
I can finally see what's happened to me
I let the best part of my soul
go wandering off all on its own
and leave me here
slogans ringing in my ears

You know the devil don't need to chase
he's standing right there in front of your face
he doesn't care if you run
he thinks he's already won
and this has all happened before
but something feels different about this war
like there's no way back
as though the heavens have cracked

And I don't know what we should do
but I put all my money down on you
here I am standing by your side
with my secrets open wide
Track Name: I'm the Only One
I've been lying all day with this buckle in my ribs
Vapor in my nose and confession on my lips
There's a sermon in the static and the words are shattered glass
there's leaking oil and hollow eyes beneath the overpass

The tank's all empty but I can't sit still
Give me treatment, give me matches and a sleeping pill
Is there anybody else who wants to crawl inside a gun?
I'm the only one

I've been lying all my life to every face I see
Running everywhere and I got no place to be
Now the mask is falling off and it's time I shed my suit
I'm going back to Colorado with some powder in my boot
Track Name: Tearjerker
Blazing across the wheat-covered fields
I saw a flash off to the south
I took a drink of tangy warm fluid
and swished it around in my mouth
and sprayed it over my shoulder
the mist hung up in the air
There used to be a place where I could lay down my burden
and I was on my way there

Those salty tears running down my face
they wash away but I still remember the taste
Goddamn it all, I just don't care
You can take me like I am, or drop me off at a station somewhere

Had you been there when we fled out of town
you would not have been redeemed
You would've found yourself all alone on the highway
and it's nothing like what you dreamed
You're made out of what you were given
think whatever you like
But don't come back home with your eyes on your shoes
feeling sorry for the rest of your life
Track Name: Turpentine
It's time to face it
It's time to rot
Where's the turpentine?
That's what I thought
The slime it grows
down in our guts
from poisonous lies
candy coated nuts

Oh dear God
Can't you burn it all down?
Till the wicked have been purged
and the crust is golden brown

It's time to get down
It's time to get out
Raise your voice
if you don't know what you're talking about
A voodoo potion
what the country needs
dandelion seeds
Track Name: When It Comes
Before the break of day
before the glimmer of the early sun
hold on tight, we're gonna be together
when it comes
If the jury will grant it
if the fates can agree to the sum
I want to feel your arms around me
when it comes

We built a castle darling
a little home where the work was never done
Let us meet there again in a dream
when it comes
Take this promise from me
with a gentle grip between your fingers and your thumbs
I'll keep loving you beyond the heavens
when it comes
Track Name: Progressive Anthem for Kid Rock to Sing
Wake up, assholes
It's 4:33
You people need to hear it
You're gonna hear it from me
I'll go anywhere
See me swinging my fists
Shouting down the alleys
On a night like this

Sleep with me
In the grass behind the fence
We'll go somewhere tomorrow
The future is intense
I got here early
Sat down beside a tree
To watch what's coming
To see what will be
Track Name: It's Nice to Be Needed (But Not Needed too Much)
When I reach out to a good friend
"Can you help me again?
"I don't know what I was thinking
"Where my mind must have went
"I'm sorry to wake you
"How soon can you come?
"Bring some cash and a bandage
"And don't tell anyone"
He said "You're driving me so hard,
"You're gonna burn out the clutch"
It's nice to be needed, but not needed too much

It's cold and it's silent
As the daylight appears
I whisper "Rise and shine, darling,"
Bad music to her ears
"Can I stay another night?
"Please believe in me still
"Let me drive you to work
"And borrow your car, if you will"
She said "You drain the blood
"From everything that you touch"
It's nice to be needed, but not needed too much

I could've used a hand
But who am I to judge?
Track Name: I Gotta Laugh While I'm Cryin' (To Keep From Just Cryin')
I gotta laugh while I'm cryin'
to keep from just cryin'
I gotta get out of this hole but I'm dyin'

I took the keys and I followed that dream
straight to the bottom of a ditch
I have no regrets that I know of yet
or is it laurels? I can't remember which

Twenty five degrees, I got a blanket on my knees
and I'm keepin' as cool as I can
The whole town is frozen, our places have been chosen
and I'm sleepin' in the van
Track Name: We're Called Collisionville
There's been a lot of wrecks
in my life
Don't take it from me
you can ask my wife
We got a guy at the body shop
we got an open account
we got a bucket of paint
we're not fucking around

There's been a few dudes
decide to leave this band
Airbags and whiplash
they didn't like the demands
Some of them flipped the table
others tipped their hats
We just pound out the dents
check the oil, dollar gas

We're called Collisionville
and not some other name
After all of that wreckage
to deny it would be such a shame
Now who's got the keys?
And can we keep it all together?
We start the van
and we wreck the weather

There's been a lot of nights
that I couldn't sleep
I lie in bed and
instead of counting sheep
I picture all of those fenders
crushed into a ball
They never made it home
nobody missed them at all

We're called Collisionville
the axel is bent
Just tow our husk to the junkyard
tell 'em that's where we went
Just siphon the gas
and let us rust out in the sun
We're just singing to the salvage
we're not hurting anyone

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