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Flat Ninths,

by Collisionville

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I've been lying all day with this buckle in my ribs Vapor in my nose and confession on my lips There's a sermon in the static and the words are shattered glass there's leaking oil and hollow eyes beneath the overpass The tank's all empty but I can't sit still Give me treatment, give me matches and a sleeping pill Is there anybody else who wants to crawl inside a gun? I'm the only one I've been lying all my life to every face I see Running everywhere and I got no place to be Now the mask is falling off and it's time I shed my suit I'm going back to Colorado with some powder in my boot
Tearjerker 04:06
Blazing across the wheat-covered fields I saw a flash off to the south I took a drink of tangy warm fluid and swished it around in my mouth and sprayed it over my shoulder the mist hung up in the air There used to be a place where I could lay down my burden and I was on my way there Those salty tears running down my face they wash away but I still remember the taste Goddamn it all, I just don't care You can take me like I am, or drop me off at a station somewhere Had you been there when we fled out of town you would not have been redeemed You would've found yourself all alone on the highway and it's nothing like what you dreamed You're made out of what you were given think whatever you like But don't come back home with your eyes on your shoes feeling sorry for the rest of your life
Turpentine 03:03
It's time to face it It's time to rot Where's the turpentine? That's what I thought The slime it grows down in our guts from poisonous lies candy coated nuts Oh dear God Can't you burn it all down? Till the wicked have been purged and the crust is golden brown It's time to get down It's time to get out Raise your voice if you don't know what you're talking about A voodoo potion what the country needs hallucinogens dandelion seeds
Before the break of day before the glimmer of the early sun hold on tight, we're gonna be together when it comes If the jury will grant it if the fates can agree to the sum I want to feel your arms around me when it comes We built a castle darling a little home where the work was never done Let us meet there again in a dream when it comes Take this promise from me with a gentle grip between your fingers and your thumbs I'll keep loving you beyond the heavens when it comes


On Friday, August 10, Collisionville is releasing yet another EP, their third one of the year. This one is titled Flat Ninths,. The opening track “I’m the Only One” brings us to a hiding spot underneath an overpass, late in the afternoon. A man has been sleeping in his car, which is no longer running, although the radio still catches a faint signal. Things have not turned out as he had hoped.

“Tearjerker” brings a fiddle into the mix (guitar and banjo player Stephen Pride picked it up on a dare), and a shout-along chorus that will feel good coming out of your mouth.

Many songs have been written which “address issues,” so perhaps you will be refreshed to hear “Turpentine,” which can work sort of like a prescription to ease many ills. Yes, that is a theremin you’re hearing at the end, among other things.

The collection closes with “When It Comes,” which might soothe you after the turpentine. Or it might not. But regardless, there is dobro, pedal steel guitar, and sweet backing vocals (courtesy of Shifra Pride Raffel and Willa Mamet). This is a song you can sing with your best spirit, at your worst moment.

We see a pattern now with these EPs this year. Commas at the end of the titles, and weirdly cropped photos, with no explanation for any of it. And like the others, Flat Ninths, will be available only on Bandcamp until later in the year.


released August 10, 2018

Tracking by Ron Guensche at New Future Vintage Recording in Oakland, CA. Overdubs tracked by Stephen Pride at Antisleep Audio in Oakland, and M'Room 5 in Oakland. "I'm the Only One" and "Turpentine" mixed by Ben Adrian; "Tearjerker" and "When It Comes" mixed by Ron Guensche. Mastered for Bandcamp by Ben Adrian. Graphic design by Aron Harris.


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Collisionville Oakland, California

"Northern California's Collisionville fuses a loud, post-punk sound with down-home Americana to create sardonically sincere songs that are well put together and streaked with the humor that eludes more self-serious bands." Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired Magazine ... more

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