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by Collisionville

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Signifiers 03:37
Learn well the lessons of the Rolling Stones Not just Bill Wyman, but also Brian Jones There's more than one way out but there's no escape There's signifiers along the path leading you astray I woke up in the middle of the night to the strangest sound I dreamed all through the morning, I couldn't find the ground I have a wish inside my darkest heart To speak it would release it and break the lights apart I'll drive until I'm lost in some horseshit gravel town Everyone who's expecting me, I'm gonna let you down Sunk and ashen faces, and I won't even care I'm flying free with an empty mind in negative space somewhere Learn well the lessons of the Rolling Stones Not just Bill Wyman, but also Brian Jones Tattooed on your skin, what you don't want to be true You lose what you create, the world was never new
I'm telling the truth in a diner booth I'll say a few things that I hope you won't repeat From this Formica fort, it's an indoor sport I'm holding court in this Kitchen of Pete The air is too thin and the sky is too dry And the ball carries too far Is there powder on the slopes? Is the ice killing your hopes? Do you need a hand pushing out your car? But wait, just wait It's all been a terrible mistake I found something strange at Jerry's Record Exchange Between the Righteous Brothers and the Strolling Bones Through the window I seen I just missed the 15 So I went out on the pavement on my own Mile High this and Mile High that An avenue of bad puns As to the length of old Colfax, it is according to cold facts The longest but for all the longer ones We all know of course about the snorting horse Who's got the city's heart locked in a football hold But you should keep in mind that old rainbow skyline And the pick axe always digging for gold To coin a riff, that guy's a stiff He's slower than most men He's what we got, let's lace 'em up, it's long past time to face 'em up And make those miracles happen once again
I'm taller than your sister's man He wants to take her to the clouds but I don't think he can You're as tall as him He's looking up at my chin It's a race to the top and he can never win It's not the captain or the boat It's not the motion or the ocean It's not the pencil or the note It's not the How do I prove? I mean, what do I have to do? Every time you get it down Then they change it so it's new This game is rigged To make you stupid and sick You try to stand so strong and then they snap you like a twig
I come to you tonight with my secrets open wide and a broken match we're gonna make it catch There's a conspiracy it seems to set a bomb off in your dreams and send you home to nurse your broken bones And it's happening again just a handful of old men will write it off with a nuclear fountain pen As the smoke is pluming upwards and the sirens drill our eardrums I can finally see what's happened to me I let the best part of my soul go wandering off all on its own and leave me here slogans ringing in my ears You know the devil don't need to chase he's standing right there in front of your face he doesn't care if you run he thinks he's already won and this has all happened before but something feels different about this war like there's no way back as though the heavens have cracked And I don't know what we should do but I put all my money down on you here I am standing by your side with my secrets open wide


Collisionville is releasing another new EP, titled Keys, on Friday, June 1, 2018. This is their second release of the year. The opening song, "Signifiers," tells the thoughts of a man who has slept through the morning and now seeks to free himself from responsibility by driving a long, uncharted course to a remote and unfamiliar place. Along the way he ponders the story of one of his favorite rock bands. Additional texture is provided by the guitar playing of Jeremy Hainline, from the excellent Bay Area band Charmless.

"Forgotten Time Zone Blues" concerns the complicated set of feelings a person can have about the town in which they grew up. "Your Sisters Man" seems to have something to do with masculinity. The banjo makes another appearance on an adaptation of Charley Patton's "Shake It and Break It," which also contains elements from an old Jelly Roll Morton song (we could tell you which one, but really it seems like some things you should be able to figure out for yourself), including a spectacular trumpet part by New York musician Indofunk Satish.

Keys, closes with "Nuclear Fountain Pen," alluding to Woody Guthrie's "Pretty Boy Floyd." As with Stones, this EP will initially be available only on Bandcamp, and will not be available in any other way until later in the year.

Once again, the inclusion of a comma in the title is puzzling, and the cover image seems oddly cropped. Whats going on here?


released June 1, 2018

Tracking by Ron Guensche at New Future Vintage Recording in Oakland, CA. Overdubs tracked by Stephen Pride at Antisleep Audio in Oakland, and M'Room 5 in Oakland. Mixed by Ben Adrian. Mastered by Ron Guensche. Graphic design by Aron Harris.


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Collisionville Oakland, California

"Northern California's Collisionville fuses a loud, post-punk sound with down-home Americana to create sardonically sincere songs that are well put together and streaked with the humor that eludes more self-serious bands." Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired Magazine ... more

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