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Collisionville is releasing a new 4-song EP titled Stones, on Friday, January 19, 2018. The first track, "Walkin' Without the Lord," opens with a brief sermon before the engine revs and a twangy punk rock maelstrom brings us to an account of a man who slept in his car outside of a church, wakes up, and speeds through the city seeking adventure.

The other tracks feature swearing and banjos ("Paint by the Numbers"), bottleneck guitar as testimonial to the genius of Fred McDowell ("Somebody's Free"), and a trip along a somewhat deserted stretch of I-25 ("Las Vegas, New Mexico").

This is the first Collisionville recording to feature new drummer Cory Snavely, who joined the band in 2015. New part-time second guitar player Matt Campana joins on "Paint by the Numbers." Conor Thompson remains in the bass chair, while Stephen Pride plays guitar, banjo, and sings.

The EP will initially be available only via Bandcamp, and will be found on the various streaming services later in the year.

But why is there a comma in the title? And who cropped that picture? Something seems to be missing.


released January 19, 2018

Tracking by Ron Guensche at New Future Vintage Recording in Oakland, CA. Overdubs tracked by Stephen Pride at Antisleep Audio in Oakland, and M'Room 5 in Oakland. Mixed by Greg Thompson at Injured Ear ( Mastered by Ben Adrian. Graphic design by Aron Harris.


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Collisionville Oakland, California

"Northern California's Collisionville fuses a loud, post-punk sound with down-home Americana to create sardonically sincere songs that are well put together and streaked with the humor that eludes more self-serious bands." Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired Magazine ... more

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Track Name: Walkin' Without the Lord
I slept through the peal of the bells, woke up
and smelled the gravel outside
rolled down the windows and turned the keys
I punched it, I made the light
I was heading west through a hornet's nest
train went the other way
I felt cold in my heart, so shall the day start
what do you want me to say?

I'm gonna strangle my soul in a blood choke hold
it's gonna sink down like a stone
say goodbye to the twinkle in my eye
tell the angels to leave me alone
I'm turning into wood from feeling so good
gonna burn for a hundred days
and be born again as a red-feathered wren
what do you want me to say?
Track Name: Paint by the Numbers
the patient he said to the doctor
"there's something in my blood that isn't red
"I wake up horny and with jitters"
and to the patient here's what the doctor said

I paint by the numbers but I can't stay on the canvas
I'm a sexy motherfucker but I can't stay on the mattress

I dreamed of becoming a giant
back when I was only 23
I wound up shouting on the corner
move along, there's nothing here to see
Track Name: Las Vegas, New Mexico
the leaves are green against the red mud
the trees are crouching on the ground
the morning's clear and very quiet
the signal's cutting in and out
what have I left that's still not finished?
have I been fully understood?
I pressed the ink into the paper
and I saw that it was good

halfway between Raton
and Las Vegas, New Mexico

amid the dry parts of the Old West
where the quiet families settled down
somebody's smoking in the basement
somebody's too scared to reach out
you made it here through droughts and famine
by the grace of strong blood in your veins
it matters that you use the right words
so take your time with what you say
Track Name: Somebody's Free
they say we're all in a prison
bound together as slaves
that no one can walk in the light of the sun
until all have been led to the rays
but I know somebody's free

somebody's free
even with the rest of us in chains
somebody's free
not troubled by nobody's pain

the freedom to dance like a willow
with no worry to silence the drum
I'm gonna learn how to move just like that
in the world to come
but right now somebody's free

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